Piaggio Fast Forward - Autonomy for Humans
Worked with the wonderful team at Oddfellows on this beautiful spot for Piaggio Fast Forward, telling the story of their newest members of the Piaggio family, Gita and Kilo. Creating this spot was a huge team effort, and it was an amazing project to be a part of.
Role: 3D Animation, Texturing
Studio: Oddfellows
My main task on this project was to prepare the 3D version of the Gita, so it could be used in the spot for multiple shots in a fast and dynamic way. Piaggio Fast Forward initially provided a detailed 3D model of the Gita. From here, I worked on transforming the detailed model, so it matched the graphic language we worked with. This meant that I used cel shaders in C4D in order to make it blend in nicely with the 2D graphics, and I also had to remove and enlarge certain elements on the detailed model. My guide was the styleframes that were provided by the main designer on the project, Yuki Yamada. I also animated the Gita in some of the shots.

Styleframe that worked as my guideline to how the Gitas were supposed to look like in the spot. Illustrated by Yuki Yamada.

On the left is the initial 3D model of the Gita that was provided by Piaggio Fast Forward. 
On the right is the finished model, reworked and textured by me, ready to be used in the spot.

Breakdown of one of the shots where I animated the Gita. Characters animated by Josh Parker and Tyler Morgan.

Another breakdown. Skaterdude animated by Josh Parker.

Client: Piaggio Fast Forward
Directed by: Oddfellows
Creative Direction: Colin Trenter
Art Direction: Jordan Scott
Producer: Jen Szeto
Script: Liz Marks
Design: Yuki Yamada
Additional Design: Jay Quercia
Cel: Josh Parker, Stan Cameron, Khylin Woodrow, Kavan Magsoodi, Jay Quercia, Tyler Morgan
2d Animation: Jordan Scott, Tyler Morgan, Colin Trenter
3d Animation: Colin Trenter, Jonas Elsgaard
Music and SFX: BXFTYS
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